Thursday, 23 May 2013

A selection

A mixture of audio pleasure for you good people today.

First off we have OOAH & Kitty-D with a mix of their musical adventures in 2007. Scientific sound surgery they've described it as... A fitting term. They've made it available as a free download too.

The Seedling Escape Mix (2007)

Next up we have Daisuke Tanabe and a tune I've posted before. It was in my head and not enough people have heard this before, so I'm posting again. I'm not entirely sure what genre he fits in, alternative-techno-breakbeat-thing, but I know it works.

Artificial Sweetener

Finally a funk classic by legendary British funk band, Cymande. If you've not heard Cymande before you will almost certainly have heard them sampled. If you don't own any... well, you should consider changing that. ;) From 1972 this is Brothers On The Slide.

Brothers On The Slide

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