Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I say old chap

Chap-hop still confuddles me. It's clearly ridiculous, yet I remain mildly amused and perhaps charmed by the whole idea. I imagine that's exactly the point :D

Plus it does have some serious beats lurking around. This recent tune from Mr B (The Gentleman Rhymer) is a class example. And damn there's some slick suits in the video.

Just Like A Chap

And then of course there's the rather well known Fighting Trousers from Professor Elemental. Regardless of if the rap style rocks your boat, the tune itself is proper good. Clever tinkering from the Professor as he slows down an old tune Twilight in Turkey by Raymond Scott from way back in the 1930s. Ah I love the things the internet can teach you :D.

Fighting Trousers

Twilight in Turkey

I could post a shit load of other tunes that make me chuckle, but I think this one has to be done. Mr B's tribute to the hip-hop classics

Chap Hop History

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