Saturday, 22 December 2012

Tune(s!) of the year

This was a tough one. 2012 has been a big year for me and there's been so much quality music accompaniment, that really I could have picked loads of different tunes. So actually I will... well kind of...

Timeless masterpiece that never left my ipod

Ya'll should know this...
Lynn Collins - Think

The tune I listened to most in 2012

Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes - Wake up Everybody (Psychemagik Edit)

Prettiest little thing of the year

Prior to 2012 The XX hadn't really been on my radar. I'd heard their stuff but for some reason I just hadn't bothered to look up who it was (despite liking it, so slack I know...). The Coexist album though got my attention and most of all this.
The xx - Angels

Video of the year

OK, I am totally cheating here. This isn't from 2012 and it isn't even an official video. Meh, whatever. It was 2012 when i got to see it and I think it's just such a clever idea. It's also beautiful. Plus the track is fucking amazing. Gotta love Aeroplane.
Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane Remix) ft. Au Revoir Simone


2012's Funked Up Tune Of The Year

I'm big in to Featurecast's work, but this one in particular really did it for me. Featurecast does what he always does best with magical beats of magicalness and Greg Blackman lays down some sublime vocals. Funky soulful and just the proper good shit.
Featurecast (featuring Greg Blackman) - Get Lovely

Honourable mentions...

Doctor Hooka is a mixing machine of such immensely prolific proportions that I can barely keep up. Seriously bloke, I dunno how the fuck you do it. Thanks for tunes mate.

Here's almost 3 hours of electroswing he delivered recently.
Hookz & Swings

Chrispop brought us a ghettofunk classic that deserves a special mention :)

Digga Digga Doo

Also want to give a shout to Nolan Brown who introduced me to Daisuke Tanabe and sent me off on in new directions of musical discovery. ;)

Daisuke Tanabe - Artificial Sweetener

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